Ready, set, prep! Sports Day Edition!

2019年 10月 03日

Hello, everyone!

There are only a few weeks left before one of the most awaited events of the year here at 

Little Newton…


SPORTS DAY 2019!!!


As we are counting down to the 14th of October, we have also been conditioning our minds and bodies in preparation for the said event. 


What are we up to? 

Let us share with you some of the captured moments of the kids while practicing the obstacle course, games, dance, etc.




Go, go! Everyone`s favorite… the tunnel! 



Touch the cone! 


As part of the obstacle course, the kids also have to practice walking the plank or crossing the balance beam, and its height depends on which class they belong. 


There are wooden stools supporting the planks for the Sheep Class.


Balance beams for Kangaroos, Zebras and Bears!


sachika plank




This exercise definitely helps them focus to achieve a certain task.


yuka boxhorse

Climb over the box horse…



yuito boxhorse

…and jump! 


And, here goes the wall!





Who would have thought climbing over the wall was possible?

It`s tall and scary but a big thanks to our dear teachers for giving the kids the push and motivation they need. They taught them the proper ways and techniques on how to climb and land safely.

Now, most of the kids actually enjoy it.

This activity surely challenges each kid and helps with their coordination.



Let us not forget the games!

The kids are looking forward to playing them with their friends and parents, of course! 



Big shoes? No problem! The parents got us! 


mitsune and itsuki

All we need is teamwork! 





We cannot wait to showcase our talent in dancing, too! 


Let`s get loud!!!




The kids have been working really hard to complete each task and they have been trying their very best to show everyone how athletically capable they are. 

We have been practicing everyday, not only the activities nor games, but also the teamwork and compassion that we must share with everyone.

No matter how hard it is, we can always try!



We would also like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to the volunteer parents who helped us with the preparations for the

Sports Day. It was a big help, indeed.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 


The big question is…

Who will be this year`s champions?

Is it going to be the Red Team? Or the White Team?

There`s only one way to find out! 

So, come and join us on the 14th of October and let`s all have fun!

See you there! 




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